Common Areas You Can Find Leaks In Your Cooling System

UltraCoolFLWater cooling systems are known to be the most effective type of cooling system for cars and bikes since it can easily reduce engine heat. In addition, this type of cooling system can help make engine better and stronger. However, there are cases when motorcycle owners may find leaks on their cooling systems. To find these leaks easily, below are the best areas to check.

Water pump

A bad shaft seal will allow coolant to dribble out of the vent hole just under the water pump pulley shaft. Thus, look for stains, discoloration or liquid coolant on the outside of the water pump or engine.


Cracks, pinholes or splits in a radiator hose or heater hose will leak coolant. Not to mention, individuals can also find leaks in hoses in case you have a corroded hose connection or a loose or damaged hose clamp.

Freeze plugs

Freeze plugs are the casting plugs or expansion plugs in the sides of the engine block and cylinder head. The flat steel plugs corroded from the inside out, and may develop leaks that are hard to see because of the plug’s location.

Intake manifold gasket

The gasket that seals the intake manifold to the cylinder heads may leak and allow coolant to enter the intake port, crankcase or dribble down the outside of the engine.

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