Popular Breastfeeding Positions

Peachy MamaWhen breastfeeding, it is important for mums to use of breastfeeding dress. In this way, mums can easily feed their child. Apart from dress, it is also important to know the best breastfeeding positions. To help you, below are some of the most popular breastfeeding positions.

The cradle hold

This breastfeeding position requires you to cradle your baby’s head with the crook of your arm. This is ideal for full-term babies who were delivered normally since women who have had a cesarean section may find it puts too much pressure on their abdomen.

The cross-over hold

This position differs from the cradle hold in that you don’t support your baby’s head with the crook of your arm. Instead, your arms switch roles. This type of breastfeeding position is ideal for small babies and for infants who have trouble latching on.

The clutch or football hold

In this position, you tuck your baby under your arm like a football or handbag. This position is best for women who have large breasts or flat nipples, and for mothers of twins.

Reclining position

This position keeps your back and hips in a straight line. Therefore, you can ask your partner to place several pillows behind your back for support. Or perhaps, you can put a pillow under your head and shoulders.

Trivia Info Source From: www.peachymama.com.au


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