Bearing Facts: Bearings Are All Around You

While it may not appear in your everyday conversations or may never even appear in a heated game of trivia, bearings are definitely one of those things that you don’t have complete knowledge about. And mind me, they are far from being one of those boring things.

Bearings, they are everywhere.

  • The phrase “there’s always one spider within eight feet of you” can actually also be applied to bearings. If you carefully take a look around you, you may notice that this is true. Bearings are everywhere – from your computers, microwaves, skateboards, telescopes to washing machines and the list goes on and on.

There was a war against bearings.

  • In the World War II, German factories that produced bearings were often bombed because of the product’s importance to the war industry in Germany.

Bearing’s lifespan.

  • It has been noted that 70% of bearing failures are due to improper lubrication, and using outer race rotation will reduce the bearing’s lifespan by 20%

File down a bearing?

  • If you try to file down a bearing, the file would be the first one to wear instead of the bearing.

Bearings used in building pyramids.

  • In ancient Egypt, ball bearings were used to transport bricks that are to be used in building pyramids. This happened in 2600BC

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