How Logistics Came About

ContainersLogistics is defined as providing the right product or service at the right price in the right condition, place, and on time. A look at some of the interesting facts regarding its history can be very enlightening.

History Of Logistics

The birth of Logistics can actually be traced back to ancient war times of Roman and Greek empires when the military officers, known as “Logistikas”, were assigned to give services related to the distribution of resources. This was done to allow the soldiers to move from their base position to a new forward position, which is a very crucial factor in shaping the outcome of wars. Inflicting damage to the supply locations of the enemy as well as safeguarding one’s supply locations was likewise involved. And this lead to the development of a system that is somewhat similar to today’s system of logistics management.

Logistics evolved greatly during the WWII. Several military logistics techniques were likewise developed. In fact, some of these strategies are still in use today.

Nowadays, logistics has evolved as both a science and an art. It doesn’t follow a defined set of tables or is based on skills that can be inherited from birth. It gave relief to lots of organizations that considered it as a burden. Knowing how significant logistics is to the overall success of a firm is indeed vital for business leaders. Companies these days are employing those with the essential knowledge in order to deliver sustainable enhancement in the supply chain management industry.

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