Types Of Dog Foods

Pet's DelightWhen it comes to dog foods, pet owners can choose from different brands and types. By choosing the right food item for your canine, you can help them become healthier and stronger. To know more, below is a list of the most common types of dog foods.

Wet Foods

Wet foods are rich in moisture content and are prepared by cooking the ingredients at higher temperature to sterilize the food. This type of food is available in the form of foil trays, cans and pouches. This type of dog food contains chunks of jelly, gravy and meat loaves.

Dry Foods

Dry foods are low in moisture and include flake foods, extruded foods and biscuits that serve as mixtures. These biscuits are rich in protein content and fulfill the body requirements more effectively. These foods often contain meat as their ingredients and can be added to other food materials in order to enhance the food quality.

Semi-moist food

Semi-moist food has a chewy texture and is available in soft pellets. The selection of food for your pet totally depends on its cost, liking of your dog and advise of your dog’s vet. Many pet lovers prefer to offer a mixture of these foods to their pet.

Complete Dog Foods

A complete dog food offers a high nutrient diet that contains all the nutrients in the right proportions and amounts. You can rely on this food for feeding your dog on a daily basis. There is no need for providing an additional food item if you are using this food.

Complementary Dog Foods

Complementary dog foods are made from oven baked biscuit mixer to complement your dog’s regular diet. This delicious addition to your dog’s meal is made with mixture of finest ingredients, and is a specially formulated recipe for smaller and young dogs.

Trivia Info Source From: www.pets-delight.com


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