Different Finance Types

Portman Asset FinanceOne of the best options to gain sufficient finances in purchasing an asset is by getting a loan. As of now, there are numerous institutions that offer financing options. But, there are numerous finance types you can choose from. To know more, below are some of the different types of finance options.

Conventional Loan

The easiest way to get finance is to go to a bank or finance company and take out a loan. Conventional loans from finance companies must be paid off over two to five years, although banks offer personal loans that can be repaid over a longer period.

Personal Lease

Personal lease basically means you rent an asset for a given period (usually one to five years) and make monthly repayments as you would when you are renting a house. At the end of the agreed rental period, the asset may be sold or, in some cases, the finance company may take it back and sell it.

Hire Purchase

The hire purchase option is often used by small businesses because of the flexibility it offers. As with a lease you are obligated to buy the asset by making a final payment at the end of the agreed hire purchase period.

Operating Lease

Operating lease is the best option for the business that runs its vehicles hard and turns them over frequently, such as a company with sales representatives or delivery vehicles that are constantly on the road.

Chattel Mortgage

This financing option suits businesses that account for their operations on a cash basis. This type of loan works the same as a hire purchase agreement: the customer makes a series of monthly payments, then a final balloon payment.

Trivia Info Source From: www.portmanassetfinance.co.uk


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