The Basic Types Of Window Materials

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2One thing that gives beauty to a house is the window. Where it is placed, the height from the ground and especially, the type and frame style used is a huge plus for home design. Windows are available in a variety of designs and sizes. There are also differences in opening mechanisms and structure as well as the type of glass used.

Most window styles are available in a number of different materials. Choosing the right one will determine the lifespan of the window, advantages and disadvantages in both maintenance and appearance. Here is a list of window materials you can choose from if you are planning to replace your previous ones.

Wood – traditionally, windows were made out of wood and due to its versatility, it is still popular today.

Vinyl – if you are looking for excellent heat and sound insulation, double-glazed, vinyl windows are your best choice. In addition to white, it is also available in other finishes such as wood-grain.

Aluminum – for maximum light, aluminum windows can be an excellent option. The advantages of aluminum is that it only needs a thin frame to support a large expanse of glass. It however conducts heat out of the home and is prone to condensation.


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