Types Of Internet Security Threats

Mustard ITAlmost all businesses nowadays make use of computers in order to improve their business performance. Not to mention, computers are also used in communicating and transacting with clients. And, some business owners also make use of their computers as storage. Sadly, internet security threats can ruin your reputation as well as affect the finances of one’s individuals. So, it is best to work with IT support companies to get rid of these issues. To know more, below is a list of the most common types of internet security threats.


Virus is a computer program developed intentionally to corrupt the files, applications and data without the knowledge of the user, and exploits the system mercilessly.


Hackers are online intruders or probably an enemy of a particular entity with malicious intentions creates and injects malicious content to steal sensitive information or money or sometimes to destroy some part of data or applications.

Phishing Threats

Phishing threats impersonate itself as a trustworthy and well established brand most probably to steal the information as well as money by misleading the online users.

Social engineering

Social engineering is a trick like pretexting; quid pro quo and tailgating. The primary use of this threat is to trap users with bogus offers in return they have to provide their personal or bank account information. On the other hand, pretexting refers to the theft of the personal and other such sensitive info by impersonating oneself as a legal authority.

Back Doors

Back doors are a piece of code or programs that enters into the website without the knowledge of the website owner and that too by defeating the security restrictions.

Info Trivia Source From:  www.mustardit.co.uk


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