Why Do You Need Bog Mats?

Bog mats are considered the most ideal temporary access solution to enable cranes, plants and other types of heavy machinery to be moved to industrial sites. When they are laid on the roadway, they help individuals and machineries cross water-logged, muddy and slippery ground. They also provide a more stable base for machineries such as cranes and drilling equipment. Bog mats can indeed be an indispensable ground covering product for many construction and engineering companies.


As a potential investor of this ground covering product, you may still be thinking if buying or hiring them is your best option. To find out if you should rent or buy bog mats, consider the following:

  1. Budget Allotted – If you’re following a specific budget, you should just hire bog mats. They can be quite expensive, especially if you need a lot. If you have enough money to purchase them, go ahead and buy them.
  2. Frequency of use– If you will be needing and using this type of ground covering material on a regular basis and for a long period of time, it would be a smarter option to buy them. Hiring them for months will just place an unwanted burden on your budget.
  3. Capability of transporting and stocking bog mats – This type of temporary ground covering product can easily be removed and laid down but you need to have the capability to move or transport them from one project or event site to another or to your warehouse or stocking facility. If you have the right trucks and manpower to carry and transport them, go ahead and purchase them. If you think you will only struggle to transport and stock them, hiring them is a better option.
  4. Cleaning and maintenance – Finally, if you or your employees are fine with regularly cleaning and maintaining the bog mats, go ahead and buy them. However, if you think this is a burden and don’t want anything to do with these chores, it would be best to simply hire them whenever you require them. The rental company will take care of all these tasks for you once you return them.

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