3 Types Of Cooling Systems

UltracoolflOverheating is one of the major issues individuals encounter when travelling on their bikes. Because of this, some bike owners invest in oil cooling systems. As of now, there are different types of oil cooling systems that can match your bike needs. Below are the following.

Air Cooled

Air cooled is the most common form of engine and is available on the majority of the Indian bikes. The engine cylinder is surrounded by fins on the outside which facilitates the cooling by increasing the surface area which is exposed to air for cooling.

Liquid Cooled

Oil cooling is just air cooling with an additional cooling mechanism since the oil circulates between the radiator and the engine case. Then, the radiator takes off the heat from the oil, thus bringing down the temperature helping in maintaining the viscosity of the oil.

Oil Cooled

This is the most popular method being used by almost all the high capacity machines. Liquid cooling ensures stable performance in high speed riding, on up hills and even in traffic jams. This is possible since a liquid cooling system uses a web of passages around the cylinder to circulate coolant through. After which, the coolant absorbs the heat produced by the engine when running.

Trivia Info Source From: www.ultracoolfl.com


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