Most Common Materials Used In Creating Letter Boxes

SandlefordWhen it comes to letterboxes, homeowners can find numerous designs that can complement the styles of their homes. These include brick in, wall and fence mounted, freestanding, and post mounted. With these wide selections, homeowners can easily find the right letterbox for their homes.

However, if you are still looking for unique letterboxes, you can also consider the materials used in creating these items. To know more, below are some of the most common materials used in creating letterboxes.


If you are looking for durable letterboxes, it is best to shop for letterboxes made of steel. While this may cost a little more than the other varieties, they are heavy duty and rust-resistant. Plus, some manufacturers even make use of stainless steel to provide more durable features.


In case that you are looking for a better material than steel, it is best to invest in aluminum letterboxes. This lightweight material is not as rugged as galvanized steel, but it has the same great rust-resistant quality.


If you are planning to complement your home with a traditional looking letterbox, one of the best options is letterboxes made of cedar. Although cedar adds a gorgeous natural appeal to your property, it will need to be sealed regularly.


For a more luxurious appeal, brass letterboxes are the ideal choice. These are seen primarily used in wall-mounted varieties, but they do require upkeep.


Plastic letterboxes are the cheapest option in the market. One advantage of using plastic is it does not rust.

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