Popular Cloud-Based Accounting Solutions

AtkinsonscaAccounting tasks must be properly accomplished in order to make businesses more efficient. However, with the increasing number of tasks needed to be done, there are cases when accounting obligations are neglected. Luckily, today, there are automated solutions that can help business owners. Below are some of the most popular cloud-based accounting solutions to choose from.


FreshBooks is a simple cloud accounting application designed to help small business owners get organized and get paid. FreshBooks also features options for online payments, expense tracking, time tracking and accounting reports, and taxes. Other features include customizing invoices, sending late payment reminders, automatic and recurring expense tracking, managing different rates for multiple projects and profit/loss reports.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start

QuickBooks Online Simple Start is a good value for small office accounting needs. This software makes it easy to create invoices, track sales and expenses, download banking transactions and access business data on any mobile device. Other features of QuickBooks Online Simple Start are printing and exporting data to Microsoft Excel.


Kashoo is another cloud accounting service worth a look. It’s a simple accounting app for small businesses offering anytime access from an iPad or Web browser. Some of the features of Kashoo are connecting to online bank accounts and credit cards, professional invoices, simple dashboards and options to categorize income, and expenses specifically for tax reporting.


Outright is an easy-to-use cloud accounting system that lets small business e-commerce owners organize and keep track of sales and finances in one place.


Xero offers a dashboard to quickly view your bank balances, invoices, bills, and expense claims. Xero also features the capability to collaborate online so small business employees can work as a team on financials. Plus, the invoicing system lets you customize invoices and connect with your customers through online invoicing. And, there are also options to create repeating invoices and schedule bill payments, and all payments, returns, and credits are tracked automatically.

Trivia Info Source From: www.atkinsonsca.co.uk


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