Fascinating Facts About Tofu

food-712663_960_720Tofu is popular among people today. It is also known as bean curd. It is produced by coagulating soy milk. It is quite interesting to know some of the facts about it.

Tofu Facts

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was the very first American to have mentioned tofu in a letter? This was dated January 11, 1770.

Japan has a tofu-based recipe, known as “agedashi” or age tofu. It is dusted with potato starch or constarch, fried, and served with a spicy sauce. It is also garnished with grated daikon radish and spring onions. “Douhua”, on the other hand, is a delicate Japanese-style tofu. This has a high liquid content, often used for desserts.

Do you know the widely used type of fresh tofu? It is the Chinese-style tofu or firm tofu. Often, it is eaten cut into small cubes. Dòu gān or extra firm, on other hand, has the lowest quantity of liquids. In fact, it has the consistency of a well-cooked meat.

Tofu is said to have become popular during the Han Dynasty. And Song Dynasty witnessed its widespread use.

Pickled is a tofu type that is air-dried under hay. After allowing it to be fermented from aerial bacteria, it will be immersed in brine mixed with other ingredients like vinegar.

Tofu spread from China to different parts of the world because of Buddhism and its vegetarian diet. It reached Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia by the mid XII century.
The protein-rich membrane of soy milk is called yuba or tofu skin. It coagulates on the surface and is being dried to become yellowish sheets.

Trivia Info Resource: www.1762.ae


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