Popular Types Of Standing Desks

WellDeskStanding desks are very common these days since it provides wonderful benefits. For one, these items help get rid of back and neck pain. Next, standing desks can reduce the risks of heart diseases. And, standing desks also help individuals improve digestion. As a result, manufacturers have created different types of standing desks that can match your needs.

Sit to Stand Desk Converter

This type of standing desk uses levers which can be raised and lowered whenever you want to switch between sitting and standing. Some of the benefits of using such type of standing desk is you it comes ready assembled and you simply need to place it on top of your desk.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converters

Another popular standing desk design is the height adjustable standing desk converters. This type of standing desk offers the ability to move the shelves of the unit in order to reach your preferred ergonomic position.

Fixed Monitor Standing Desk Converter

These desks come with a fixed monitor stand where the monitor needs to be fixed to the stand itself and then the whole keyboard shelf and monitor can be moved as one unit. One of the best features of this type of standing desk is it is a very stable and sturdy unit with minimal screen wobble and vibration when typing.

Trivia Info Source From: www.welldesk.com



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