Most Commonly Used Fabric

Shimha LifestyleWhen it comes to clothing or even home products like blankets and sheets, most individuals choose specific fabrics since they offer different types of benefits. Unfortunately, there are cases when individuals cannot choose the right fabric according to its specific use. To know more, below are some of the most commonly used fabrics.


Linen is a medium-weight fabric with little elasticity. Unfortunately, it conducts heat very well. Thus, this type of fabric is a popular choice for warm-weather.


Wool comes from 40 different breeds of sheep. This type of fabric is extremely hard-wearing and versatile. It’s also very warm and a good choice for colder weather garments.


Silk is a lightweight, delicate fabric that drapes well. It has a slightly shimmery appearance. Silk is also slippery and more difficult to work with. It also makes a great lining fabric.


Satin can vary from lightweight to heavyweight, depending on the type of satin. Like silk, it has a glossy appearance.


Knit fabric is your go-to for any garment that needs to have a great deal of stretch. Patterns are designed for either woven fabric or knit fabric, and patterns sized for knit fabric will often specify the degree of stretch needed in the fabric.

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