Components Of A Bearing

MCBMoving parts are commonly seen in almost all mechanical devices from car engines and industrial machinery to simple parts like bicycle wheels. All these items rotate properly and freely with the use of bearings. To know more about bearings, below are the components of a bearing.


Races are most often manufactured from 52100 steel. A 52100 steel, also known as bearing quality chrome steel, is valued for its mechanical strength, high hardness and excellent wear resistance. A single bearing has two races; the Inner bearing race / ring and the Outer bearing race / ring.


Retainers also known as cages keep the balls separated and equally spaced.  Retainers are selected based on the bearing size as well as the required performance. Some of the most common retainers used are ribbon retainers, crown retainers, and plastic retainers.

Rolling elements

Rolling elements like balls, rollers, needle rollers, and spherical rollers are used to allow the bearing to rotate. These rolling elements are commonly manufactured using the 52100 steel.

Shields and seals

Some bearings also make use of shields and seals. These items are used in order to protect rollers and ballers from dirt and other debris. Some of the most common bearing shields used are shield-snag ring type and rubber seals.

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