The Most Common Summer Pests

Archer LawnsWhen it comes to plants, there are numerous problems garden owners need to face like weeds, unstable weather, and pests.

As of now, pests are the most stressful issue garden owners need to get rid of since plants can be destroyed easily. Not to mention, some pests even eat any plant, which can make properties unsightly. To know more about these pests, below are the most common summer pests you may encounter.

Spider Mites

Spider mites suck plant juices and produce sticky honeydew, which attracts ants and may host black sooty mold. Dusty plants tend to be targets for attack and leaves can become web-encased overnight.

Scale insects

Scale insects feed by sucking plant juices and produce sticky honeydew that hosts black sooty mold. An infested tree may produce massive amounts of honeydew that coats objects beneath with a sticky film and attracts ants, flies, wasps, and bees.

Fall webworms

Fall Webworms feast inside webbing, increasing the nest size as they grow. Feeding doesn’t typically cause long-term harm to the tree, but the nest is unsightly and may reach up to 3 feet across by late summer.


Whiteflies swarm up in clouds when infested plants are disturbed. These pests mostly target plants such as ornamentals, tomato, grapes, citrus, and the squash-family.


Grasshoppers feed during the day, chewing leaves and stems. The most common plants they eat are weeds, grass, and clovers.

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