The Common Types of Websites

Prototype-InteractiveThe World Wide Web boasts of numerous benefits individuals can obtain. This is possible since there are a lot of online users who create websites. When it comes to websites, there are various options to choose from that can match your needs. Below are some of the following.

Personal Websites

Personal websites are types of sites that are useful for families, teenagers, grandparents, etc. to stay in touch with each other. However, this type of website is not advisable for a small business because the URL is not search engine friendly and has limited server capabilities.

Informational Websites

Informational websites are unique since they allow members to contribute and edit articles. In addition, members can expand its features by adding e-commerce, a forum, or even photo sharing.

Online Business Brochure

Online brochure or catalog websites allow you to show anyone who looks for and finds your website, photos and descriptions of your products or services. Some of the businesses that use such websites are hair-stylists, dentists, or day-care centers since the products or services are not sellable over the web

E-Commerce Websites

In case that you are selling products or services that can be purchased on the internet, making use of an E-Commerce website is the best.  With these websites, you can connect to clients and sell products easily.

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