Most Common Lawn Plant Problems Made By Man

ShannonlandscapingWhen it comes to lawn problems, lawn owners may experience numerous issues from weeds to pests and various weather conditions. However, there are some problems that are caused by owners, themselves. To avoid these problems, below is a list of the most common lawn plant problems made by man

Fungal infection

One of the main reasons of fungal infection is due to the use of dirty tools. Therefore, when making use of gardening tools, it is advised that you clean your tools regularly.

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects a wide range of plants. One of the causes of this disease is due to excessive use of overhead irrigation. Therefore, it is best that you control the use of overhead irrigation.

Curling leaves

Most of the time, curling leaves is caused by pests and bacteria. But, there are also cases when curling leaves may occur due to the frequent use of natural and synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

Damping off

Location is an essential factor when planting. In case that you have placed plants in a damp, airless, low light area, damping off may occur, which may lead to fungal infection.


Watering allows plants to create food properly. But, overwatering can lead to serious issues since it can affect the root system and even affect the foundation of the plant.

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