Waterproofing IP Standards

AquasatchAs of now, more and more individuals make use of items like smartphones on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are instances that restrict individuals from using their smartphones. The most common issue is water since water can easily ruin any electric devices like smartphones.

Luckily, with the constant improvements in technology, there are now items and even smartphones that are waterproof. To know more about waterproofing, below are some of the waterproofing IP standards.


IPX0 is not water resistant at all.


IPX1 will protect a device from some water drops that are falling vertically on the said device.


IPX2 will protect your device from some water drops when the device is tilted up to and including 15°. If you tilt your phone more than 16°, then water can come in.


IPX3 can withstand water spray on your gear up to 60° from the top of the device.


IPX4 will keep from splashing water from any direction.


IPX5 will protect your stuff from water jets at any direction.


IPX6 will protect your device from powerful water jets with water nozzles up to 12.5 mm.


IPX7 will protect your device in water up to 3 feet.


IPX8 protects devices in water over 3 feet.

Trivia Info Source From: Aquasatch.com.au


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