Types Of Inground Swimming Pools

Hennessey LLCWhen it comes to property improvements, most individuals opt for swimming pools. Apart from easily increasing the value of the property, swimming pools can also provide you with a relaxing place to enjoy during weekends and holidays.

As of now, there are numerous types of swimming pools. Inground pools are the most common choice since they are more durable and require less maintenance. Other than that, you may also opt for different types of inground pools. Below are some of the following.

Packaged Pools

Packaged swimming pools consist of components, including wall panels, braces, steps, and a vinyl liner that are assembled together to create a swimming pool. Packaged swimming pools are typically “engineered”, meaning they are designed and produced according to predefined standards in a controlled factory environment.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are one-piece shells that can be “dropped in” into your yard in a very short period of time. Fiberglass swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and colors and many feature integrated tile or floor patterns.

Gunite Pools

Gunite or concrete swimming pools are often used in commercial applications, such as hotel swimming pools. Installation of a gunite swimming pool can take several months. The land is excavated, and forms or rebar are brought in to shape the pool. Then the gunite material is poured into the forms or sprayed onto the rebar.

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