How Does A Laser Work?

LaserWhen resurfacing lasers first entered the world of dermatology 30 years ago with all the promises of a science-fiction breakthrough, high expectations have led to mild disappointment. But today, there have been significant improvements in the laser technology, making it among the most efficient methods for dealing with skin problems.

But how does a laser work? As compared to the white light from a bulb, which is a blend of all the colors of the rainbow, a laser is a focused beam of light that has just one hue. If its intense rays will target a problem area on the skin like a scar, a brown spot or an unwanted hair follicle, the laser’s light can actually destroy such pigment or tissue and not harming the skin around it.

FAQs About Laser

What age can you get a laser therapy? Experts say that it is not a matter of age but the problem that must be fixed. There are infants receiving such treatment to remove birthmarks. Also, there are young people who already have sun spots, acne, sun damage, and other skin problems wanting to have flawless, glowing skin.

Do lasers hurt? Some people who underwent the laser therapy say that there is pain but is tolerable while other say they felt no pain at all.

Should moles be removed with a laser? It depends. Experts will first examine if it is necessary to remove your mole or not.

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