Popular Marquee Flooring Types

NoFussEventHireWhen making use of marquees, most individuals do not include marquee floorings. These floorings are ideal in order to obtain numerous benefits like safer event location, more appealing setting, and more reliable marquee structure. Apart from that, there are numerous types of marquee flooring you can make use of. Below are some of the most popular marquee flooring types.

Dance floor

The dance floor is available in different colours. This flooring also comes in easy to put together square pieces which fit together. This is great for weddings, parties, and themed events as it gives a specific look for the dance area, which will encourage more people to get up and dance. It creates a good atmosphere and an all-round great event.

Outdoor carpet

Outdoor carpet is another good option for marquee floorings due to its benefits. Some of the main advantages of using outdoor carpet is it is easy to clean, breathable, rot proof, hard wearing, and long lasting. It is available in a range of colours to match your colour scheme.

Coconut matting

This type of flooring is great as it looks elegant and brings warmth to the room with its great shades of brown and tan. This marquee flooring is also ideal for corporate events since coconut matting can make events more appealing and professional.

Hard floor

Hard floors are created by interlocking plywood that make up the base of the floor and is then usually covered with carpet for a nice touch. This type of flooring is ideal if the ground the marquee is being laid on is not in great shape or if the land is wet.

Info Trivia Source From: Nofusseventhire.com.au


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