Taxonomy Of Appetite

child-524524_960_720Alexandre Dumas is known for authoring some of the well-known books like The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo. Today, he is also known as a formidable gastronome and masterful cook. He actually authored one of the literary history’s rarest culinary treasures – The Alexandre Dumas’ Dictionary of Cuisine. In fact, he considers this book as his masterwork. In it, he delivers a taxonomy of appetite.

3 Types Of Appetites

1. Appetite that comes from hunger – A piece of raw meat will placate it as easily as a roasted woodcock or pheasant.

2. Appetite aroused by a delicious dish appearing at the right moment – This illustrates the proverb that hunger often comes with eating.

3. Appetite aroused at the end of a meal – When normal hunger has been satisfied by the main course, a delectable dish holds him to the table tempting his sensuality.

3 Types Of Gluttony

1. Gluttony that is one of the 7 deadly sins.

2. Gluttony of delicate souls – This is illustrated by a host gathering together several friends, never less numerous than the Graces, and does his utmost in order to distract their minds and cater to their tastes.

3. Bulimia – This is a perpetual and insatiable hunger. It originates from “boulimia”, a Greek word for “ravenous hunger”.

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