Common Types of Graphic Designers

KeaneBrandsGraphic designs are important for businesses in order to create a good impression to their guests. Because of this, business owners look for designers who can match their needs. Luckily, there are numerous graphic designers business owners can hire. Below are some of the following.

Editorial designer

This field requires a high expertise in diagramming, plus being an InDesign master. This is plain and basic graphic design task since you only need to know how to organize a series of elements and make them look good and easy to read.

Web/ Mobile designer

A web or mobile designer is an individual who has skills in using software applications like Photoshop and has knowledge in HTML and CSS.

Animation designer

A 3D designer or animator has good creativity and technical skills with regard to different programs. This is needed since an animation designer can create video games or even a 3D movie.

Corporative designer

Reliable corporative designers are able to develop strategies, digital products, print elements, logo designs, identity manuals, and more. In addition, these designers have good communication skills, a good understanding of the client’s needs, and the ability of conveying an idea through the image.

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