Different Types Of Pool Filters

AllTexPoolsWhen it comes to pools, there are numerous items you need to purchase in order to have an appealing and safe pool. And, one of the most common items you need is pool filters. Pool filters are used together with your pool pump, which allows water to pass through before re-entering the pool. To know more about these filters, listed below are to different types of pool filters.

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filters

Diatomaceous Earth also known as D.E. filters are made up of a manifold that holds 8 grids made of fabric wrapped around a plastic frame, together in the tank. Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized material called and can filter particles all the way down to 3-5 microns.

Sand Filters

A sand filter can capture particles in the 20-40 micron range and it becomes increasingly more efficient as it continues to filter on a regular basis. Sand filters have the reputation of being the lowest maintenance of all the different pool filter types as it takes roughly 5 years before your first time replacing the sand, but also has the lowest filtering power.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters do not require backwashing, because it does not require any filtering media. Because of this, your filter tends to need to be broke down and cleaned more often. Not to mention, This type of filter can capture particles as low as 10-20 microns, an improvement versus sand but not quite as fine as D.E.

Info Trivia Source From: www.alltexpools.com


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