Types Of Freelance Writers

HishamWyneWhen it comes to improving your business reputation, hiring professionals such as writers is very important. These writers can provide you with the right content to boost your business reputation. However, to obtain the benefit you need, you must look for the right freelance writer. Below are some of the common types of freelance writers.

Web Content Writer

Web content writers are professionals who create content online such as website microcopy and social media content. By working with a web content writer, you can produce compelling, relevant and informative content that drives site traffic.

Technical Writer

Technical writers often write user manuals for computer hardware and software, as well as consumer electronics. These writers also create content about technical descriptions, explanations and procedures into layman’s terms for consumption by the average reader.

Business Writer

Business writers tackle white papers, reports, articles, press releases, pamphlets, business proposals, prepared speeches and more. Some business writers even handle some marketing content.

Newspaper Writer

News writers inform readers of the facts surrounding an event as soon after the event as possible. Not to mention, these writers are as objective and unbiased as possible.

Instructional Writer

Instructional writers compose educational content which include K-12 curriculum or tutoring materials, textbooks, or full online courses, such as real estate or insurance licensing exam programs.


Ghostwriters are professionals who write blogs, articles, books or other works and someone else gets the official credit.

Trivia Info Source From: Hishamwyne.com


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