Canada’s Immigration Selection Factors

Pathway VisasWhen moving to Canada as a worker, there are some aspects you need to consider before becoming a candidate. These aspects are important to ensure that you can accomplish your job properly and help the country improve its economy.

One of the most essential aspects you need to know is Canada’s Immigration Selection Factor. In order to pass this requirement, you need to obtain at least 67 points from the following selection factors.

Education – Education is important when looking for a job. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC awards up to 25 points for your formal education.

Language Skills – Applicants are also required to undergo language skills assessment. Candidates can be awarded up to 28 total points.

Work Experience – Work experience is also another essential factor. Candidates can be awarded up to 15 points for certain paid, skilled work experience that they have acquired in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, applicants must attain at least a score of 9 points in order to qualify.

Age – Applicants can also be awarded up to 12 points based on their age at the time of applying.

Arranged Employment – Applicants can also obtain up to 10 points if they arrange an employment in Canada that meets certain requirements.

Adaptability – Applicants can be given up to 10 points for a number of factors that show that they are adaptable to moving to Canada.

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