3 Weight Loss Myths And Facts

slimming-treatments-dubaiNo matter how strict you follow your fitness routine or diet, there are times when there will be lying and cheating involved. Most people surely have tried at least one fast fix to drop weight for good, only to gain your weight back or even gaining more pounds. So it is important for you to know the myths and facts about losing those excess pounds.

Myths About How You Can Lose Weight

Having snacks is always a bad idea – Having snacks in between meal may actually help you eat less. In fact, most nutritionists recommend having 5 smaller meals a day rather than eating calories in just one sitting. Experts emphasized that snacking has a bad notion because of the choices people make.

All carbs are bad – All carbs are not created equal. You must avoid processed carbs since they are high in sugar and white flour. Instead, consume whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The body needs carbs as fuel so add good carbs into your diet.

There are food products that make you burn calories – There is conflicting information as to whether or not there are certain food products that can increase your metabolic rate. Although different foods offer multiple benefits, people are often left doubting if calories differ from one food to another. Experts say that there are no foods increasing your metabolic rate or even help you burn calories. They further emphasized that even if there are foods that boost metabolism, the amount is not significant to make it a magic bullet.

Trivia Info Resource: www.bodysmart.ae


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