Best Free Project Management Tools This 2016

MAP-mgmtExpanding business ventures is important for businesses in order to provide better services for their clients. In addition, expanding can also provide better profits for business owners. However, in order to cater to your business needs properly, making use of project management tools is important. With these tools, scaling up your business is more efficient. Listed below is list of the best free project management tools this 2016.


Trello is a tool is that is created by a former Toyota vice president Taiichi Ohno. Every task is represented as a card, which allows you to create a visual representation of what is happening with a project.


Freedcamp is great for scaling up a business since it offers good admin tools, fleet management, and customer relationship management.


GanttProject offers all the features you could ever need, but has a reputation for being somewhat complex.


Asana is designed by Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz. Asana benefits from a social-network-like level of untuition and ease due to its simplicity and effectiveness.


Evernote provides integrated apps, task tracking, blog publication and public and private ‘notes’ formatted into a presentation. This tool is available for web, Android, Windows and iOS.


Harvest provides time tracking, invoicing and report creating capabilities.

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