The Must-Activities In Dubai

PalazzoVersaceApart from the wonderful sceneries, Dubai also features a lot of activities vacationers can try out. These activities can provide excitement, adrenaline rush, and satisfaction when visiting Dubai. Below is a list of activities you need to try.

Overnight dessert safari

One of the best activities you need to try when visiting Dubai is an overnight dessert safari stay. During this trip, individuals can enjoy belly dancing, henna painting, sunset photography, camel rides, sand skiing, and a buffet dinner under the stars.

Hot air balloon ride

Another wonderful activity individuals can try in Dubai is a hot air balloon ride. On this adventure, individuals can enjoy the sight of the fiery orange sun rising over the vast expanse of the golden desert sand while gliding in the sky.

Horse riding at the Al Dhabi stables

Individuals can also enjoy a horse riding activity at the Al Dhabi stables. Kids can also enjoy this activity since they can visit some of the stable’s smaller animals including rabbits, ducks, chickens and turkeys.

Dinner cruise

In case that you are planning a romantic date with your loved one, you can try out a dinner cruise. During the cruise, couples can enjoy a two hour event on board a traditional dhow cruising down the Dubai Marina, as well as the Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Aerial view of Dubai

If you are planning to check the real beauty of Dubai, the best activity is to reserve for a flight in Seawings Dubai tours. Individuals can enjoy a 40-minute ride above Dubai.

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