Types Of Toothpastes

DesertFamilyDentalToothpastes are essential in cleaning the teeth. In addition, toothpastes also have ingredients that can help strengthen and make the teeth healthier. To know more about these toothpastes, below are the common types of toothpastes.


Anti-Decay toothpastes contain Fluoride Compounds such as Sodium Fluoride (NaF), Stannous Fluoride (SnF2), or Monofluorophosphate (MFP2). These compounds are effective in preventing tooth decay.


Desensitizing toothpastes can provide relief from dentine hypersensitivity symptoms by interrupting the neurone response to pain stimuli. They occlude the dentinal tubules of the dentine. This is possible since desensitizing toothpastes contain Potassium Nitrate or Arginine. However, before using such toothpaste, you need to consult the dentist and undergo a thorough check-up to explore the cause of tooth sensitivity before using desensitizing toothpaste.


Anti-Calculus toothpastes are used to get rid of calcification of dental plaque with Pyrophosphate or Zinc Citrate.


This toothpaste inhibits plaque accumulation and reduces the toxic effects of the bacterial toxin on the tooth surrounding tissues. With this, it can reduce the chances of getting gum disease. Anti-Plaque toothpastes also contain ingredients such as Triclosan or Zinc Citrate.


Whitening toothpaste contains relatively coarse abrasives which function by abrading the stains on the tooth surface, giving a whitening effect.

Trivia Info Source From: www.desertfamilydental.com


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