Facts About The Hard Hat Colour Coding System

Hard HatsThe hard hat has become a safety accessory on building sites around the world nowadays. It has been responsible for saving thousands of lives over the years. Did you know that different colour hats signify various things on a site? Thus, allowing workers know who is who and performing what role. Be reminded though that this colour coding system varies from country to country but there are basic rules which can help you identify workers from the colour of the hats they wear.

The Hard Hat Colour Code

  • White – Engineers, managers, supervisors or foremen often wear white hats on site.
  • Brown – These are being worn by welders and other workers with high heat applications.
  • Green – This colour often signifies a safety inspector operator. However, it can also be worn by new workers on the site or those probationary employees.
  • Yellow – This is considered the colour for earthmoving operators and general labourers.
  • Blue – Technical operators and carpenters normally use blue hard hats.
  • Orange – Road crews wear this colour.
  • Grey – This is the colour usually worn by site visitors.
  • Pink – When employees forgot their hats or perhaps misplaced them, there is actually a nice pink helmet on site they can use for the meantime.

Other Hard Hat Facts

Did you know that hard hats have best before dates? Due to the fact that they are made of plastic, they deteriorate over time; hence, they have a certain guaranteed shelf life. This is printed into the plastic so you would know when to replace it.

Hard hats have been a must-have to the health and safety law of most countries today. Due to the fact that sites can be dangerous, wearing the right protective equipment will help minimize risk at work, no matter what colour it may be.

Trivia Info Resource: wiseglobaltraining.com


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