Washington D.C.’s Most Popular Tourist Attractions

FairFaxWashingtonDCThere are lots of place on earth tourists wish to visit. And, one of the most popular destination places is Washington D.C. Of course, a day is not enough to check out all the places in the area. However, there are some places you must not miss before leaving your hotel and going back home. Below are some of Washington D.C.’s most popular tourist attractions.

National Air and Space Museum

The innovations in air and space are improving constantly. In order to find out its humble beginnings, one of the best places to visit is the National Air and Space Museum. The museum houses some of the most popular aeronautical and space achievements made by man such as the 1903 Wright Flyer up to the Apollo 11 moon-landing expedition and exhibits

Washington Monument

Another wonderful place tourists need to visit is the Washington Monument. This monument is one of the best-known structures on earth. The monument stands more than 550 feet (170 meters) high.

National Mall

National Mall is a greenway that will take them past many of the capital’s important sites. The National Mall stretches on the west from the US Capitol building to the Potomac River and on the east from the Jefferson Memorial to Constitution Avenue.

White House

Finally, the White House is also one of the most favourite tourist’s attractions in D.C. However, self-guided tours are available for visitors who plan ahead. They must request a tour through their congressman’s office 21 days to six months in advance.

Trivia Info Source From: Fairfaxwashingtondc.com


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