Interesting Facts About The Japanese Used Car Auctions

Auction CarExperts highly emphasized that there are pros and cons no matter how you decide to source your car. Among the great things about an auction car is that the auction inspectors are often good in terms of pointing out the most obvious problems like mileage which might be questionable. In fact, when it comes to determining the accident history of a car, the Japanese auctions are more trustworthy than your local car dealerships because of the fact that most accidents are unreported and some don’t have to be declared when the value of the damage wasn’t high enough.

Did you know that when a car has a * or star beside the mileage, this means that the auction house is saying that the mileage has been tampered with or unverified? Experts say that you must avoid a car like this.


Know that every car that goes through the auction will be given a grade which pertains to the overall condition of the car.

Exterior Grades

  • 5 – Excellent condition
  • 4.5 – Very good condition
  • 4 – Good condition
  • 3.5 – Average condition with noticeable but not severe scratches, repairs or dents.
  • 3 – Average condition with conspicuous scratches, dents, repairs. Some faded/peeling paint or blemishes might also be present.
  • 0/R/RA/-1/1 – Repaired vehicle or high modified. A car, which had minor or major accident damage, and has been repaired.

Interior Grades

  • A – Like brand new
  • B – Good condition
  • C – Average Condition
  • D – Poor condition. Most likely showing signs of wear and damage

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