Must-Knows About The Game Of Rugby

RugbyThe origin of Rugby is vague; however, everyone has agreed that the sport must be named after Rugby School where the game was initially played. It was said to have begun in 1823 when William Webb Ellis caught the ball while he is playing football, and ran to the opponent’s goal holding it. It is also for this reason that the trophy being presented for winning the Rugby World Cup is called the “William Webb Ellis Cup”.

Other Facts About Rugby

First rugby balls were pig bladders – Rugby balls were used to be plum-shaped and made of pig’s bladder. At the end of 19th century when rubber inner tubes became more prevalent, Rugby School requested that their balls must remain asymmetric in order to distinguish them from footballs. Eventually, the oval shape became more pronounced, which makes them a lot easier to hold, catch, and run with.

Richard Lindon’s wife passed away because of blowing lots of pigs’ bladders – Richard Lindon designed the modern-day rugby ball. His wife paid the ultimate price after breathing in the air from many diseased pigs’ bladders. She acquired lung disease, and eventually, died.

The most successful rugby team is the US Olympic – Rugby has only been featured in the Olympics 4 times – 1900, 1908, 1920, and 1924. US won both in 1920 and 1924. Will this change in 2016 where a seven-a-side version of rugger will make an appearance?

Singing a national anthem before a sporting event started at a rugby match – Before, New Zealand All Blacks dance the “haka” prior to a match. On November 16, 1905 in Cardiff, the Welsh responded to this traditional war-dance by breaking into song.

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