Most Common And Most Cost-Efficient Outdoor Concrete Finishes

RepaveWhen it comes to outdoors, it is important for homeowners to make sure that their outdoor designs will complement their homes. In addition, outdoor designs must be weather-proof in order to ensure that their property will look appealing in any condition. So, when it comes to outdoor concrete finishes, homeowners have 3 popular and cost-efficient options. Below are the following.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a concrete finish that uses stones or sands. This is ideal for outdoors since it is weather-proof and has anti-skid and –slip features. Apart from that, exposed aggregates are also ideal for pathways since you can make use of different types of stones to complement your property and house.

Rock Salt Finish

Rock salt finish is also a good option due to its subtle texture and skid resistance to plain or colored concrete. Salt finishes are attractive alone, but are particularly stunning when used in combination with colored concrete and other decorative treatments.

Brooming and Borders

Brooming and borders are also another good outdoor concrete finish. It is done by mixing stamped or stenciled concrete borders with fields of less-expensive plain or broom-finished concrete. To make it more appealing, it is best to make use of contrasting colours.

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