Facts About First Aid & Emergency Care

First AidAt any time and at any place, an emergency can happen. This is a situation which demands immediate action. Being aware of the basics of first aid and emergency care will help you recognize as well as respond to any emergency appropriately. Be reminded that your response might help save a life.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System

The EMS system is a chain composed of several links. Every link will depend on the other for it to be successful. If the EMS will work correctly, a victim will move through each link in the chain – starting from the actions of a responsible citizen towards the care provided with an attempt of restoring the victim’s health.

There are 6 parts of the EMS system. The stronger the chain, the better chance that the victim will be restored to good health. All the links must be connected in order to provide the best possible care to the victim/s.

The six parts of the EMS system are linked together like a chain – a chain of survival for the victim. The stronger the chain, the better the chance that a victim of injury or sudden illness will be returned to his or her previous state of health. All the links should connect to provide the best possible care to victims of injury or sudden illness.

Emergency Indicators And Their Signals

Unusual Noises – Yells, screams, moans or calls for help. Crashing metal, breaking glass, or screeching tires. Loud unidentifiable sounds or silence.

Unusual Odors – Odors which are stronger than usual. Natural gas odors or nauseous smells.

Unusual Sights – Things that appear out of the ordinary like an overturned pot, a stalled vehicle, downed electrical wires, broken glass, and a spilled medicine container.

Unusual Behaviour Or Appearance – Difficulty breathing or clutching the throat. Unconsciousness. Hesitant or confused speech. Sweating for no reason. Drowsiness. Dilated pupils. Uncharacteristic skin color.

Trivia Info Resource: hss-me.com


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