Color Psychology And Web Design

Color Psychology Based on research, red has the added effect of making customers feel excited and energetic. Web designers as well as brand managers have been using color psychology in their workflow. They relate how a certain hue can affect the perception of a customer to their products or brands.

In 2011, a comprehensive empirical study on such topic was published in the Academy of Marketing Science. The title of the study is “Exciting red and competent blue: The importance of color in marketing” by Labrecque and Milne. Here are the facts verified by this study:

Fascinating Facts About Color Psychology

Yellow, white and pink are perceived as pure and sincere. There were 3 prior studies showing the humans associate sincerity with these 3 colors. White is often associated with purity, peace, and clarity; yellow likewise is linked to sincerity, but combines optimism and happiness; and pink is tied to emotions like softness and sincerity along with warmth and a hint of nurturing.

Orange, yellow and red induce excitement and energy. Energy, stimulation, and activity are the emotions being felt by a person who sees the color red. The colors with longer wavelength hues such as red, deep yellow, and orange have the  same effect of producing emotions of excitement, energy, and extroversion.

Blue and brown portray competence. If the main goal of your business is to earn client’s trust, the research showed that blue can relay such message. Brown likewise can relay similar emotions like seriousness and reliability. When used together, it portrays a reliable, professional vibe.

Saturation shows ruggedness and strength. Saturation refers to the amount of pigment in a color. Earlier researches revealed that the more saturated a color appears, the more it will elicit feelings of ruggedness, strength, and dominance. Labrecque and Milne’s study also found evidence that backed up such claim. They further emphasized that consumers perceive logos and products using low-saturated colors as reflecting softness.

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