Facts You Need To Know About Artificial Grass

PerthArtificialGrassArtificial grass has been used for as early as the 1960s. The creation of artificial turf has helped individuals to reduce their tasks in cleaning backyards. Not to mention, artificial grass is also durable. However, there are still some facts you may not know about artificial turf. Below are some facts some people do not know.

AstroTurf is not the first brand of artificial grass

AstroTurf is known to be the first brand of artificial turf. However, its original name was “ChemGrass.” Company employee, John A. Wortmann re-branded it after its first well-publicized use at the Houston Astrodome.

Houston Astrodome was not the first to use synthetic turf

In 1966, Houston Astrodome was opened featuring the use of synthetic turf. But, Houston Astrodome is not the first to use synthetic turf since ChemGrass has sold some of the products in other sporting venues like Rhode Island’s Moses Brown School.

Artificial turfs are made from different materials

Artificial grasses are made from three different materials; polypropylene, polyethylene or polyamide. Polypropylene is the first material used but, it was replaced because of its slightly inferior quality. Thus, polyethylene or polyamide is popular these days.

Artificial turfs today are safer

With the use of polyethylene or polyamide, artificial turfs are now safer since these materials are non-toxic, durable, recyclable, and most of all earth friendly.

Artificial grass needs maintenance too

Some artificial grass users state that artificial grasses do not need maintenance. Unfortunately, these grasses also need maintenance, but it depends on traffic and activity level on the grass.

Trivia Info Source From: www.perthartificialgrass.com


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