Do You Know The Various Errors Found In Breathalyzers?

Personal Breathalyzer

Breathalyzer equipment has various electronic circuits and sensors that even the smallest factor can vary the output and lead to inaccurate readings. If you are aware of the common errors you face with breathalyzer then you can avoid it and take accurate readings.

Mouth Alcohol Content. There are more chances for a drunken person to vomit, especially if he/she has consumed alcohol beyond the limit. If the vomited alcohol is in the mouth then the device will consider it as alcohol from alveolar air and cause inaccurate readings. Breath alcohol content tester can give false reading even if a person kisses a drunken person. Burping and vomiting can lead to false reading so once should cautiously note the readings in a drunken person.

Calibration. Breath alcohol tester needs to be calibrated on a regular basis. Sensors in a breathalyzer device can easily get contaminated with regular use and it needs to be cleaned at least once in 6 months to get accurate readings. If they are left without cleaning properly then one cannot expect accurate readings from the device.

Avoid interferences. Breathalyzer device must never be subjected to any electric interference. Any interference that occurs will result to false readings. Few of the common sources of interferences are mobile phones, police radios, electromagnetic waves, etc.

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