Most Common Moving And Handling Equipment Used By Relocation Companies

IntouchrelocationsOne of the main reasons individuals hire relocation companies is to make their move safer and easier. All is possible since relocation companies have the skills and experience. Not to mention, relocation companies also make use of different types of moving and handling equipment to make their tasks better. To know more about these machines, below are some of the most common moving and handling equipment relocation companies use.

Handling equipment

In order to ensure that your belongings are safe before the trip, relocation companies make use of storage and handling equipment. This equipment is used to stack your belongings in piles. Apart from that, storage and handling equipment also ensure that all your items and belongings are in one place to avoid loss. Some of the popular storage and handling equipment are Stacking frames, Shelves, bins and drawers as well as Mezzanines

Engineered systems

From the storage area, items and other belongings are transported in the dock area. The dock area is where trucks are parked. Some of the common machines used to transport your items in the dock area are Conveyor systems, Robotic delivery systems, and Automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

Industrial trucks

Relocation companies also make use of different types of industrial trucks depending on the size and volume of your belongings. Relocation companies can use Hand trucks, Pallet trucks, Walkie stackers, Platform trucks and Order picker. With these machines, your belongings are safe and secured.

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