Types Of Teeth Cleaning Treatments

DesertPalmazFor individuals, maintaining the teeth and gums is important. Therefore, brushing and flossing must be done to maintain oral health. However, there are cases when brushing and flossing are not enough to remove dirt and plaque. Thus, it is best to visit dentists for regular cleaning.

As of now, there are numerous cleaning treatments dentists can offer. Below are some of the following.


Prophylaxis is a cleaning treatment for individuals who have healthy mouth such as individuals with areas of gingivitis but no signs of periodontal disease.

Gross debridement

Gross debridement is a cleaning treatment that focuses in removing plaque and calculus in individuals with gingivitis or periodontal diseases. This treatment is commonly used to clear out plaque in order to have better access and visibility for better diagnosis.

Scale and polish

Scale and polish is a treatment done after a gross debridement. With this treatment, dentists will make sure that all plaque and calculus are removed to promote better oral health for their patients.

Root planning

Root planning is a treatment that is done for mild or moderate periodontal disease. This treatment is also known as “deep cleaning.” To properly clean teeth, dentists may use antibiotic gels to treat periodontal diseases.

Periodontal cleaning

Periodontal cleaning is the treatment given to people with periodontal disease at a frequency of at least every three months to prevent further bone loss.

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