How Second Hand Car Dealers Think About Savings and Safety?

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Used car dealers save drivers money by providing safe cars at affordable prices. The affordability of these cars doesn’t equate to skimping on style, either. There are plenty of style options to fit even the most discerning tastes.

Depreciation Reduction

Buying new means there is going to be roughly twenty percent depreciation when the vehicle leaves the lot. The first year of ownership adds another ten percent in depreciation, then an additional ten percent. These losses can be reduced, or even avoided, with a model from the previous year. While it’s not always easy to find an automobile that’s been driven for one year, they are becoming more common due to market fluctuations. More consumers are buying yearly instead of driving an automobile until it’s worn out. This is due to an increase in people with expendable incomes. It pays to take advantage of this quick turnover.

Safety Assurance

Forty or fifty years ago, a formerly owned auto was a dangerous investment because the industry didn’t produce vehicles with the idea of maintaining longevity from owner to owner. Today’s technology means an automobile with a lot of miles on it still has a lot of miles left, without being dangerous. Another benefit of buying a previously owned auto is that the VIN number can easily find the accident history report. A certified pre-owned auto is another way to help ensure a safe purchase. This certification process means that the vehicle meets the manufacturer’s established standards. Essentially, these certifications guarantee protection in the same way that a warranty does for a new auto.

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