Types Of Building Inspectors

BPICHiring building inspectors is important. These experts help building and house owners to get rid of issues that may affect their investments. Surely, hiring experts can be an easy task. However, opting for the right inspector is another issue. To help you learn more about inspectors, listed below are the most common types of building inspectors.

Home inspectors

Home inspectors specialize in inspection of newly-constructed or existing residential dwellings such as townhomes, condominiums and previously-owned homes. They also look at its structural quality by checking the condition of the roofing, carport, interior and exterior walls, plumbing and even electrical wirings.

Electrical Inspectors

Electrical inspectors are experts who check installed electrical systems to determine if they work as they should and follow electrical codes and standards. These experts check the wiring, lighting, sound and security systems, motors, generating equipment and the installed electrical wiring for appliances.

Plumbing Inspectors

Plumbing inspectors are experts who examine if the plumbing system is installed properly and that the water is potable and safe to drink. They also inspect industrial piping and check if waste is being disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Plan Examiners

This type of inspectors check if the plans for buildings and other structures follow building codes and standards. They see to it that the structure is able to withstand the environmental stresses and engineering demands of a particular site.

Trivia Info Source From: Bpic.com.au


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