The Most Innovative Hotels

TheenvoyhotelWhen choosing a hotel to stay in for a vacation, most individuals check its appearance and comfort. Not to mention, individuals also assess their services to ensure that they can relax during their stay.

However, there are some hotels and accommodations that focus on offering convenience and features with the use of technology. To know more about these hotels, listed below are some of the most innovative hotels and accommodations in the world.

NH Eurobuilding, Madrid

One of the most innovative features of the NH Eurbuilding is the hotel’s 300m² semi-transparent indoor LED Vault screen. It is the largest one in the world installed in a hotel. In addition, the hotel also features 4 Living Lab Rooms, where clients and guests can test new technologies.

Hard Rock Ibiza, Ibiza

Hard Rock Ibiza features their own smart bracelet. With this bracelet, individuals can open their room, access different areas of the hotel, pay any product, make express check-out, and even update their social profiles on the screens spread across the establishment.

Mama Shelter, Paris

Mama Shelter in Paris also offers wonderful innovative features in their hotel. The most innovative feature of the hotel is the touch screens in the hall where you can view information about the city, the area of business with Apple computers and meeting rooms equipped with 4 LCD screens and Bose sound system.

Aloft Cupertino, California

Aloft Cupertino features a robot named ALO Botir. The robot offers concierge services and is responsible, among other things, to deliver the amenities in the rooms. Not to mention, the rooms are equipped with screens of Apple.

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