The Best Mathematicians Of All Times

MathnasiumMath is one of the most feared subjects by kids and teenagers. However, there are some individuals who enjoy math. Other individuals even invested their time in order to know more about math which helped them to become better and more concise. To know more about these individuals, listed below are some of the best mathematicians of all times.

Pythagoras of Samos

Pythagoras is the person who created the Pythagorean Theorem. With this theorem, it helped improved geometry and even played a large part in modern measurements and technological equipment.

Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz

Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz are known to be the ‘inventor’ of modern infinitesimal calculus. Leibniz is often given the credit for introducing modern standard notation, notably the integral sign. On the other hand, Isaac Newton has become the primary man hailed by most to be the actual inventor of calculus.


Euclid is credited with the instruction of the rigorous, logical proof for theorems and conjectures. He has also written generally on the topic of Geometry or Number theory.

Leonhard Euler

His primary contribution to the field is with the introduction of mathematical notation including the concept of a function, shorthand trigonometric functions, the ‘e’ for the base of the natural logarithm , the Greek letter Sigma for summation and the letter ‘/i’ for imaginary units, as well as the symbol pi for the ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter.

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