World’s Most Expensive Writing Instruments

Writing is a skill. Today, there are many writing instruments people can use to put their thoughts and opinions into writing. But are you aware of the most expensive writing instruments the world has?

Valuable Writing Instruments

PensFulgor Nocturnus – This is the most expensive pen in the world. This was created by the famous pen-makers Tibaldi of Florence based on the Divine Proportions of Phi. It actually costs $8 million. It is decorated with 123 rubies and 945 diamonds.

Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil – This is a limited edition pencil which costs $12,800 making it the world’s most expensive pencil. This classy pencil is made with 240 year old olive wood and 18-carat white gold. It has a handy built-in eraser and sharpener.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan – This is the most expensive keyboard amounting to $4,240. This is not just a comfortable keyboard for all your hands’ typing needs; rather, it is also dusted with gold.

Lettera 32 Olivetti Manual Machine – This was sold for $254,500 in an auction. Cormac McCarthy, the author who originally owned this typewriter, bought it back in 1963 for only $50. People found this very valuable because of the many great novels the typewriter has seen it its day.

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