Types Of Digital Cameras

CreativephotographyclassesAs of now, the technology with regard to photography has evolved rapidly. Thus, the use of films has been replaced with memory card and other hardware storage. Not to mention, printing photos have been easier since individuals can simply use printers and photo papers to print photos right in their homes. In addition, cameras today are more advanced, with better resolutions, more colours and even more effects. To know more about today’s cameras, listed below are some of the most common digital cameras available in the market.

Compact Digital Cameras

This is the most common digital camera used by individuals these days due to its size and affordability. Apart from that, compact digital cameras also offer features such as a fully automatic mode and scene mode. Most compact digital cameras also offer a minimum three time (3X) zoom lens and at least 12 megapixels.

Advanced Digital Cameras

Advanced digital cameras provide better control over the camera’s exposure settings. However, photographers need to manually change these settings to achieve the desired quality.

Digital Single Lens Reflex

Digital Single Lens Reflex also known as DSLR is the most popular digital camera used by seasoned photographers due to its numerous features. For one, users can change the lens of the camera depending on your needs. Next, DSLR cameras have larger image sensors which will generally produce better quality images. And, DSLR cameras have the option of taking pictures in the full manual mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or program modes.

Trivia Info Source From: Creativephotographyclasses.com


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