Common Types Of Marquees

NofusseventhireOutdoor events are very popular these days due to its numerous benefits. For one, outdoor events are cheaper as compared to hiring venues like hotels for your events. Next, the outdoors can help make events more appealing.

Outdoor events can help you advertise your products easily and more efficiently. In order to make outdoor events better, it is important to make use of event items like marquees. To help you find the ideal marquee for your event, listed below are some of the most common marquee types individuals can opt for.

Traditional Marquee

This is the most common marquee used for weddings due to its designs. A traditional marquee uses canvas under tension by means of centre poles, side poles and guy ropes which are attached to ground.

Chinese Hat

In case you want to have privacy outdoors, the best type of marquee to use is the Chinese hat since it has walls and lining options as well as special effect lighting. In addition, this type of marquee can be used as a porch or entrance to a main marquee, as an extension to a house, or the centerpiece to your event

Capri Marquee

If you are planning a huge outdoor event, making use of a capri marquee is the best since it can hold from 35-600 people standing and 25-440 people when seated. Other than that, capri marquees also feature versatile closed white canvas sides, PVC windows or open sides.

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